Reaching the Children of Southern Nevada... by one with the good news of Jesus Christ!

Welcome to Good News Clubs of Nevada!

We exist to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to children all across Southern Nevada. Our vision is to reach every child in every school – both elementary and middle schools. It’s a big goal we know, but nothing is too big for our God!

You can become a part of this much-needed ministry by giving of your time, talent and resources. The rewards will be too numerous to count!


Is It Legal?

Many Americans, in fact, many Christians, are not aware that as a result of the Supreme Court ruling on June 11, 2001 – Good News Club vs. Milford Central School- it is legal to hold Bible clubs in the public schools! Ever since that day, Good News Clubs all around the country...

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Is there a Good News Club in your child's school?

We have Good News Clubs in many public and charter schools throughout Southern Nevada and we’re constantly adding more! If you’d like to know how to get a Club started in your child’s school, email us at 

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Join the Movement

Register Your Child for Good News Club

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